Times Microwave LMR-100 Coaxial Cable - Per FT Mini UHF Male Crimp Connector - LMR-200
Made in the USA, 5 Year Warranty, Priced Per Foot, No Minimums Mini UHF Male Crimp Connector - LMR-200
RG11 Outdoor F-Type Coax Cable - 25 FT Buy RG8/U PVC Coax Cable by the FT
A 75 Ohm coaxial cable with watertight connectors and an outdoor rated PVC jacket. Ideal for TV antenna, satellite, and cable box installations. Includes a 1-Year "No Matter What" Warranty. Available in lengths of up to 250 ft. with any connector types you desire.
All-In-One Universal Compression Tool Flat Under Window RG6 F-Type Cable - 8 Inches
Compatible with a variety of coax types. Perfect for installing coax under windows and doors.
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