RG11 Outdoor F-Type Coax Cable - 25 FT Flat Under Window RG6 F-Type Cable - 8 Inches
A 75 Ohm coaxial cable with watertight connectors and an outdoor rated PVC jacket. Ideal for TV antenna, satellite, and cable box installations. Includes a 1-Year "No Matter What" Warranty. Perfect for installing coax under windows and doors.
Custom LMR-400 Assemblies - Made to Order BNC Male to RCA Jack Adapter
Available in lengths of up to 350 ft. with any connector types you desire. Adapters are the perfect way to quickly change the gender or connector type on an already terminated cable.
Mini UHF Male Crimp Connector - LMR-200 All-In-One Universal Compression Tool
Mini UHF Male Crimp Connector - LMR-200 Compatible with a variety of coax types.
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