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Coaxial Cable Assemblies - 50 Ohm and 75 Ohm

We carry a wide selection of both 50 and 75 ohm coaxial assemblies from manufacturers such as Times Microwave Systems, Shireen, and others. All of our coax assemblies come with our 1-Year "No Matter What" Warranty.

50 ohm coax assemblies: applications that call for high power handling capacity of 100 watts or more and low loss of electrical power usually require 50 ohm assemblies, and equipment that is acting as a transceiver or transmitter will as a general rule require 50 ohm coax. This type of coax is often used to set up broadcast transmitters, cell phone repeaters, walkie-talkies, and HAM radio installations and make excellent jumpers for Wireless Communication Systems, mobile antennas, GPS, Wi-Fi, WiMax, SCADA and WLAN. RFC240 and RFC400 are our most popular 50 ohm assemblies as they are a lower cost generic alternative to Times Microwave LMR-240 and LMR-400 that are designed to meet or exceed the performance of the name brand.

75 ohm coax assemblies: these assemblies are ideal for when efficient signal transmission with minimal loss is the main objective. 75 ohm assemblies are frequently used to connect to receivers and are often required for home theater equipment such as HDTVs and satellite and cable set top boxes. RG6 and RG11 are our most popular 75 ohm coax assemblies.

In addition to pre-built assemblies, we also have a large selection of unterminated coax cable available in bulk and per foot.

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TNC Female to SMB Female RFC100A/LMR-100A Type Assembly TNC Female to SMB Female RG174 A/U Coaxial Assembly
Available in lengths from 1-25 ft.  Assemblies include a 1-Year "No Matter What" Warranty and are made with pride in the USA. RG174 A/U assemblies available in lengths of 1-25 ft.  Includes a 1-Year "No Matter What" Warranty.  Made with pride in the USA.