N Female to RP TNC Female LMR-600 Generic Brand Coax Cables
N Female to RP TNC Female LMR-600 Generic Brand Coax Cables

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N Female to Reverse Polarity TNC Female Low Loss 600 coax cables with black Polyethylene jacket.

This Times Microwave LMR-600 equivalent offers you the same performance and loss characteristics as the name brand without the name brand price. With a .590" diameter, this is a thick and dependable coax option for long runs where minimizing loss is a top priority. 600 series cables deliver lower loss than our popular 400 series cables, with improvements most noticeable at UHF frequencies. While these cables do make excellent antenna feed lines, you will need to have some flexible jumpers on hand if your coax run requires a lot of bends and turns. Because of it's thickness, this cable is not as flexible as some of the thinner 50 ohm Low Loss coax alternatives that we offer. However, what you sacrifice in flexibility you more than make up for in performance. These cables feature a black Polyethylene outer jacket that allow them to be used for either indoor or outdoor applications. The N and reverse polarity TNC connectors are both professionally installed with heat shrink tubing at each end for added protection. Since this product is made to order, please allow up to three business days for manufacture.