RG11 Outdoor F-Type Coax Cable - 200 FT

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Our Outdoor Rated RG11 F-Type Coax is ideal cable for applications that require the cable to be either outdoors or in direct sunlight. Perfect for cable, satellite and TV antenna signals. Features all metal F-type compression connectors to ensure a secure and watertight connection that won't deteriorate with time. This coax protects against EMI/RFI interference - a common cause of a distorted television picture - with an aluminum foil shield and 60% aluminum braid. The jacket of this cable is a flexible, outdoor rated PVC that makes installation a breeze. These RG11 cables provide maximum durability at an economic price and come with our 1-Year "No Matter What" Warranty.

  • Cable Type: RG11 Outdoor
  • Length: 200 Feet (60 Meters)
  • Connectors: Watertight Compression F-Type Male
  • Conductor Size: 14 AWG
  • Conductor Material: Solid Bare Copper (BC)
  • Impedance: 75 Ohms
  • Cable Diameter: .405 inches
  • Jacket Material: UV Rated PVC
  • Shielding: Aluminum Foil w/60% Aluminum Braid
  • Bandwidth Rating: 3 GHz
  • Cable Rating: CM/CL2
  • Attenuation @ 100 MHz/100ft: 4.2dB/100ft