RG59 Push-On F-Type Coax Cable - 12 FT
RG59 Push-On F-Type Coax Cable - 12 FT

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Product Code: RC-25-110-012

RG59 Push-On F-Type Cables are constructed with 75 ohm coaxial cable that delivers high-quality video images. Low-loss 75 ohm copper-clad wire and foam dielectric provides accurate picture resolution and color. A foil and braid shield protects against unwanted noise and interference. The molded push-on connectors attach to a flexible jacket allowing for easy installation. Connect cable boxes, VCRs, WebTV or any video source with F-type output connections to any TV with matching F-type input jacks.
Length: 12 Foot
Connectors:  Push-On F-Type Male (Quick Connect)
22 AWG Center Conductor
75 Ohm
PVC Jacket
Dual Shielding (Foil and Braid)