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RG58 - Stranded BC - Plenum - Coax Cable - White - 1000 FT
RG58 - Stranded BC - Plenum - Coax Cable - White - 1000 FT

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Product Code: RC-80-580-115 WH-1000

Plenum RG58 is designed to meet the strictest of electrical codes; our plenum cable meets or exceeds many common cable standards. The RG58 is commonly used for low-power signals RF connections Ham radio Thinnet 10Base2 and more. This cable features a UL listed CMP rated plenum jacket. Internally this cable is protected from RFI and EMI interference by a 95% copper braid shield. The center conductor is made from 20 AWG stranded copper. This bulk cable comes in an easy pull box and can be measured and cut to exact distances. RG58 is commonly terminated with a BNC N TNC or UHF connector. Features: 50 Ohm 20 AWG Stranded Copper Conductor 95% Copper Braid Shield Plenum Jacket CMP Rated UL Listed Professional Grade Foot Markings 1000 Feet