Buy RG8/U PVC Coax Cable by the FT
Buy RG8/U PVC Coax Cable by the FT

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These UL listed RG8 coaxial cables have an impedance of 50 ohms and are often used for 2-way radios, RF applications and amateur radio. Features a 12 AWG stranded bare copper center conductor with a polyethylene dielectric (PE) and a 95% bare copper braid shielding with a PVC jacket. RG8 is of a stiffer and larger gauge than other coaxial cables and is best used for long distance runs of over 100 ft. However, we can cut and customize your assembly to any specification you desire.

Available Connectors:

BNC Male & Female
BNC - Male & Female Reverse Polarity
SMA - Male & Female
SMA - Male & Female Reverse Polarity
N - Male & Female
Mini-UHF - Male & Female
TNC - Male & Female
TNC - Male & Female Reverse Polarity
UHF - Male & Female

RushCables.com manufacturers each cable to the highest standards in Plaistow, NH - USA. Every cable is swept, heat shrunk and checked for consistency and performance. Our connectors are crimped on the body and soldered on the pin. We use the highest quality, yet cost effective connectors on the market. These connectors are manufactured in Taiwan and are silver plated brass with teflon. If you require connectors from major brands like Times, Amphenol, RFI, TerraWave and others - we can help. Simply contact service@rushcables.com and we can send a quote. Please note: brand name connectors often add an extra 2-3 days to cable completion plus the additional cost of the connectors.
Tech Specs
  • Shield Type: 95% bare copper braid with PVC jacket
  • PVC Jacket is Non Contaminating
  • Impedance: 50 ohms
  • Dielectric Type: PE
  • UL Listed
  • 12 AWG stranded bare copper center conductor
  • Assembly Made in the USA
  • Coax Cable Made in the USA
  • One Year Warrantry