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All-In-One Universal Compression Tool
All-In-One Universal Compression Tool

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Product Code: RC-93-100-108

Product Features: ICC's unique Universal Compression Tool is suitable for most RCA's, BNC's and F-type connectors including right-angled BNC connectors.  This innovative all-in-one compression tool complements our line of quality connectors.  ICC's compress and seal water tight compression connectors unlike crimp on styles utilize a vertical compression technique allowing the connector to be pressed firmly onto the cable without distorting cable shield and wave-guide cavity.  Designed with ratchet mechanism preventing release of the connector prior to full compression.  This allows installers complete freedom of movement during use and provides a quick, easy and reliable method of terminating and compressing connectors on cables.  Provides a much tighter fit after compression than traditional crimp tools and aids in proper and consistent termination, reducing the potential for connector damage.   Avoids over-crimping by pressing the connector vertically onto the cable without causing bends and distortion to the waveguide cavity, thus improving signal quality and preventing connectivity degradation over time.  Ergonomic design provides a firm comfortable grip and prevents slippage during compression.   Steel frame constructions for added strength and durability.  Handles all water sealed and standard F-type, RCA, BNC, and right angled BNC compression connectors and keystone compression modules. Suitable for use with RG59 RG6 and RG6 quad cables. Used with all ICC F-type, RCA and BNC connectors; F-type and RCA compression modular connectors Instructions included.